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244P-22-XT Blue XT Handsaw 22in 9 TPI | Bahco 244P-22-XT-HP

Artikelnummer: 135808

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244P-22-XT Blue XT Handsaw 22in 9 TPI

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The Bahco 244P-22-XT Blue XT Handsaw is suitable for cutting coarse or thick wood materials. It has unique XT-toothing and hardpoint teeth for long lasting sharpness. It has two sets of teeth that work in conjunction with each other, one set cuts and the second set clears with each stroke.

In addition, the blade has a low friction, anti corrosion blue coating. This is a powder coating is magnetically bonded to the blade and teeth, leaving it rust proof and easy to use. The saw's screwed, 2-component handle can be used as an approximate 45° and 90° marking guide and increases user comfort.


Length: 550mm (22in).
Blade thickness: 1.03mm.
Teeth: 9 tpi.


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Brand Bahco
Artikelnummer 135808
EAN Code 7314150269587
Product Code Manufacturer 244P-22-XT-HP
SKU Brand BAH244P22XT

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